SeaMaster ECO CT (Dual Tube X-ray System)


The SeaMaster machine is designed to address the small to medium inspection requirements for the Industrial Sector. This cost effective unique design incorporates (2) types of x-ray tubes providing ultimate flexibility for the customer. Please see highlights of our system below:

  • X-ray Tubes: Macro focus (160kV, .4mm micron focal spot, 420W) AND Micro focus (130kV, 5 micron focal spot, 65W) x-ray sources.
  • X-ray Detector: High resolution Digital Flat Panel Detector/FPD (130 x 130mm, 82 micron pixel, 16 bit greyscale). 
  • Application Flexibility: With 2 different types of tubes, we can assess standard Castings and Microelectronics requirements. This offers unlimited capability for low and high magnification applications.
  • Software: FULL CT imaging platform including standard 2D, HDR and CT reconstruction software.
  • System Size: Compact design for easy installation and mobility. Typical installation/training = 2 days.
  • System Price: Fully configured system $175,000. 

For additional details, please download the SeaMaster brochure and contact us if you have questions or need technical support.