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About Us


Established in 2013


RUCO focuses on 2 different industry requirements. 

X-Ray machines for the Industrial and Electronics markets and 

PCB support equipment for the manufacturing of Printed Circuit Boards.   

founder & Owner

Todd LaMarche

 RUCO Brief History:

 Todd founded Resources Unlimited Co. (RUCO) after more than 35 years designing and manufacturing high resolution X-ray inspection equipment for leading international OEMs. Todd supported the North American Market for over 20 years then began traveling to China in 2002 to design X-ray inspection equipment for the domestic Chinese PCB industry.

RUCO Expansion:

 He quickly recognized the breadth of the Chinese Electronics Industry and expanded his relationships to include leading designers and manufacturers of electronics equipment. RUCO’s extensive industry knowledge, engineering expertise, and business network throughout America & China help premier equipment manufacturers to penetrate this rapidly evolving market. 

Key Factor:

Todd  has lived in China for nearly 15 years and works directly with all of his suppliers/manufacturers to ensure that the solutions provided meet or exceed full International Standards required by the World Outside of Asia - WOA®.



X-ray: Design and optimization of X-ray Inspection Equipment.

New System Design:      

High performance/cost efficient system designs for the Electronics and Industrial Markets.


X-ray Machine Refurbishing: 

Upgrade old machines to meet the demands of today's x-ray requirements. This includes x-ray tubes, detectors and motion controls. Note that many old cabinets are still functional, but the internal technology is not.

Software Design and Upgrade:

Full Image Processing Software Platforms (Windows 10) that can be seamlessly integrated into existing older machines. Designed to replace software that is no longer supported and/or lacks the functionality necessary to meet today's standards.

Custom X-ray Cabinet Designs: 

Small to midsize custom designs for the Electronics, Industrial and Medical Markets.



Pcb Equipment

Promotion/Support of Equipment for the PCB Industry.


PCB Conveyors: 

High performance/cost effective conveyors (Buffer, FIFO, Loader, Inspection, Gate, etc.). A full range of any type of conveyor needed for the PCB Industry.

Stencil Cleaners: 

Fully pneumatic stencil cleaners (Stencil, PCB, Misc.)

Wave Solder: 

Lead Free Wave Solder systems that adhere to all environmental International Standards.

Reflow Ovens: 

Lead Free Reflow Ovens systems that adhere to all environmental International Standards.