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About Us

Manufacturing/Distribution/Service Facilities

Mulit-national outlets across the globe including:

  • San Diego, CA (Showroom/Service)
  • Fremont, CA (Showroom/Service)
  • Camarillo, CA (Showroom/Warehouse)
  • Wuxi, China (Mfg/Engineering)
  • Shenzhen, China (Mfg/Engineering)

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Our Equipment

RUCO offers a full compliment of PCB related machines for the Electronics Industry

  • Wave Solder/Reflow Ovens 
  • Conveyors/Stencil Cleaners/PCB Cutting
  • X-ray Machines and Software

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About Us

Resources Unlimited Co (RUCO) is a diverse outlet for various equipment and products.

  • Electronic PCB Equipment 
  • X-ray Software and Cameras
  • X-ray System Service and Upgrades
  • Asian Arts and Crafts

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